Why Us?

Experience and rare talent!

Let’s face it. Not everyone’s’ work is equal to another’s. Over the years we have been fortunate enough to collect a rare amount of talent in this industry; those so passionate about their work they have been known to use their free time to practice their craft. It’s no secret that natural stone can be a tricky and unforgiving medium to work within and despite one’s best efforts sometimes repairs are necessary. In those moments Vandelay can offer not only the experience required to approach the situation in a timely and professional manner, but also the talent to see it through to the desired end.

Customer Care!

We have built our business on a foundation of honesty, integrity, a true desire to please, a tiny bit of sarcasm, and a whole heap of common sense. From the moment you step into the office to well after your project is complete, Vandelay is committed to offering a professional, friendly and infinitely patient experience. We do this every day, but understand some of our customers are doing this for the first and only time. Our office is always ready and willing to take the time necessary for you to feel comfortable with each step. It is our belief that while our final product speaks for itself, it continues to be our warm and inviting customer service that keeps our business flooded with repeat customers.


Vandelay has a whopping SEVEN different brands of Quartz, a total of FOUR different brands of recycled glass, and we have a wonderful working relationship with a multitude of natural stone vendors across the region. We have slabs and remnants onsite for our customers to see in person, but can also offer a significant online selection, which our office is happy to help you navigate if desired. Customers are welcome to visit our vendor locations as well.

What is the Difference Between Granite and Quartz?

Right off the bat we need to clarify that Quartz with a capital “Q” is a manmade product with various brands and several colors within each brand while quartz with a lowercase “q” is a mineral found in parts of many different granite slabs. Therefore, Quartz is actually made up of at least 90% natural quartz and a maximum of 10% resins to bind the final manmade product into slab form. Quartz is a non-porous, heat resistant, and scratch resistant option for counter tops and comes in various color patterns and pricing. Granite is natural stone quarried from the earth in huge blocks and then cut into slabs and polished. No two slabs are the exact same given that as they cut into the quarry the shade and pattern will change. Granite is a porous, heat resistant, and scratch resistant material. Since it is porous it should be sealed to protect against staining and etching.

Do You Have to Seal Granite?

The choice is yours, but granite and marble are both porous and so it is recommended they be sealed to protect against staining and etching. There are many products on the market that can be used to seal the tops and can be done yourself. What they seal against and how long they last will vary. We offer Granite Shield and its Lifetime Warranty as a sealant option. It is a product our in-house certified applicator applies typically after installation. Granite Shield is applied one time and seals against everything except Goo Gone and battery acid and lasts for the lifetime of the stone. More information can be found here. Granite Shield

How Does Vandelay Pricing Compare to Others?

We feel we are very competitively priced for this area….once you get to the bottom line. Comparing square foot price is not generally advised since different companies will bundle different aspects of the project into that number. What we have found is that the bottom line and what that includes is a much more accurate picture. That being said, our office is always happy to review quotes from other entities with our potential customers so you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.